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C4K April Summary

C4K #9

    I posted on Drake's post on Nebraska. In this post he told the readers and about the attraction and location of Nebraska. As my response I told him I was from Alabama; however, I had just spent a year in Missouri. I also told him that I enjoyed Alabama more than Missouri and explained my reasoning.

Project #13

Ethan and I used email, google docs and face time to prepare for our Smart board project. We used face time for our initial discussion on the project. Google docs was used to create and collaborate on a lesson plan. We also used email to schedule when we were available to video tape it. I like using these collaborative tools because we were able to do our work about before coming to together which cut back on the time we had to spend in the lab. It also made the project seem easier.

Final Reflection

Back to Future

     To complete this post I looked back at my first blog post. In this post I discuss the plans I had for my future class. I included what I expected out of my students, how I planned on structuring my class and how I would teach the students.
     My views on most of these things have remain the same; however, I had a little tweaking to do. I am sure that I am still not done tweaking; nor will I ever be. I think if you ever are then you will forever fall behind and off to the side lines.
    It is still that I will completely incorporate technology into my classroom. If the school systems are still behind in teach students how to effectively use different technology tools in the classroom I will make it a point to expose my students to different tools that will assist them while they are in my class and in their futures as well.
    While my expectation to use technology in my classroom has not changed the tools and how I will incorporate them has. In my first post I stated that I would use SMART boards however my desire to use them has dropped. I feel like there has to be something better out there to use as an interactive tool yet I am still looking. I stated in my first post that I would use a student-teacher safe interactive site. Throughout this course I came across a site called Edmode. I believe this is an incredible site and just what I was looking for. Also, I originally stated that my class would be extremely lectured based. Now I plan on my class half lecture based where I will present the information to them then I will have interactive learning to enable them to understand the concept.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Last C4T

Angela Maiers

Post One

     I first posted on Angela's post on Habitudes in Gym Class in this post she speaks on an email she received from a physical education teacher. In this email the teacher tells Angela how he used habitudes in teaching sports. By doing this the teach is teaching students through sports activities how to think critically and face obstacles. This sets them up for success in both sports and life in general. I enjoyed this post because although I am working on being a history teacher I coach even now. Positively impacting a students life on and off the field is extremely important to me and the students future.

Post Two

    My second comment was on her post Habitudes: Imagination. This post was simply a quote from her book Habitudes in the Classroom Although it was small its impact on me was grand. The quote spoke on using your imagination to drive forward your hopes and dreams. It was exactly what I needed to read at this point in my life.

Final Progress Report

Final Project

     The script is finished. Final taping and the editing will be done throughout this coming week.

Project #15

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Progress Report

Progress Report

Final Project

    For our final project Responsibilities have already been divided up. Topics have been discussed and planned. We are each currently working on creating a script for I final video presentation. We plan to begin recording this Friday.

Blog Assignment #13

Blended Learning Cycle

    I really enjoyed watching Paul Anderson's video. It helped me finally figure out a way I could effectively use technology and blogging in my classroom. He used the acronym QuIVERS to follow the path in which students should learn a concept. QuIVERS stands for Question, Investigate, Video, Expand, Review, and Summary quiz. In this the teacher creates a question for the students. The student then investigate the question by asking why. They then are able to look into videos for explanations then they expand their information and understanding of the matter. The teacher then reviews it with the student by asking thought provoking questions. After the students have obtained all this information they take a summary quiz that they maybe be graded for their understanding of the subject.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blog Assignment #11

Blog Post #12

    Find at least one picture, one video, one website, one quote, and one audio clip(song, podcast, or speech)that you may use in your classroom to help you students learn the subject matter. Place them in your blog. Tell about the subject and grade you plan on teaching. Explain how each one would help (or not help) you in teaching and How or if you will implement them into your lesson plans. Write a paragraph on the roles these objects have in education. Write a paragraph on any other creative tools you've found that may help your students in the future.

     I am secondary education major. I plan on teacher history. I hope to teach 11th grade U.S. history; however, just being in a high school will be great.
Lincoln versus Kennedy
 &nspb;  This picture reveals short quick information on the similarities of Lincoln and Kennedy. This picture will help students to quickly learn different information on these two presidents. I could use this photo to introduce a lesson on the presidents. It will get them laughing and questioning what else is there to know about the presidents.

 &nspb;  This video gives an interesting angle to the students. it is well put together and has images for them to better understand. This video is compelling and may spark interest for the declarations for the students. This video may be shown when I desire to demonstrate the important role the declarartion of independence had as the foundation of the United States of America.
 &nspb;  It my seem silly, simple, and obvious however pointing your students to The History Channel website will give them access to every sort of historic topics in form that are appealing to their generation. This website may be used by either students who are interested in a certain topic or students who are struggle to understand a concept.
quote by Lincoln
 &nspb;  This quote sets the stage for the mind set of both Lincoln and early U.S. Americans as they fought for independence. I would show this quote just to add a bit of insight while I taught on early actions taken in order to gain independence.

 &nspb;  This is a song that provides information for students in a why the may enjoy memorizing and learning it. I would use this song in order to help students learn states and capitals to create a better understand for U.S. history.

In the Classroom

 &nspb;   Media objects play an important role in the learning and understanding of subject matter in today's classrooms. Students see and hear things like this all day everyday. This means that they have grown accustom to learning and gathering information this way. Therefore, it is important that we as teachers meet them in this and teach them in that way.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

C4K March

C4K #5

     In Carson's blog she talks about alligators and being able to see an alligator on a field trip. I was excited to comment on this blog because I was really interested in alligators as a child. I learned a lot about them at a young age too. So I was able to talk to her about them. I asked her if she knew the difference between an alligator's and a crocodile's teeth.

C4K #6

     In Renata's blog she compare a character named Jonah from the book Found to herself. She talked about how both the character and herself enjoyed Mint Chocolate Chip ice-cream, Basetball, and they both had a sister. I found this interesting because I share these commonalities with the two of them. I shared that with her and asked more about the book and character.

C4K #7 Sam's blog post was on a 14 year old boy who built a windmill in order to power his home. Sam then went on to coming up with his own in home innovations. I encourage him to keep being creative and asked questions and gave advice on how to make his ideas even better.

C4K #8

     In Kennedy's blog post she tells about a Skype call she did in order to learn about Nunavut, Canada. This post was very interesting because I did not know anything about Nunavut. I asked her about Nunavut and if she would ever want to live there.

Blog Assignment #11

Technology in EducationTechhnology?

    I really enjoyed hearing the Skype conversation between EDM 310 and Ms. Cassidy. I agree with her completely as she stated you cannot teach the students of this generation with the same methods as twenty years ago. Technology is here for our use. It is what we make it. We must use it to our advantage. I will differently have a class blog set up for my students where I will post extra things for them to look at or use if the need help or are interested in that subject. I have not, yet decided if I will have my students incorporate blogging into my classroom. I would if I could just figure out a solid idea on how I want to effectively integrate it into their studies so that it is an aid to them instead of a burden. I have not reached that point quite yet so I'm more hesitant to that method of teaching.

C4T #3

Teaching Teachers How to Learn

    This month I have been following a blog by Angela Rand. I focused on two post in her blog. The first being Sketching Notes, and the next being Theories Mindmap. The first blog gave a great lecture on how to take sketch notes. Sketch noting is incorporating words and drawings into your notes. It teaches the benefits and how to's of sketch notes. It was incredible and completely worth the time to listen to the lecture. I provides you with so many ideas to help keep your notes more interesting and in return allowing you to study and recall more efficiently. The second shows you what a Mind map is. It also explains how to make and the uses of them. Mind maps are designed to help you organize and see information allowing you to better analyze and make decisions. I really enjoyed reading both of these post and I plan on incorporating what I learned from them in how I learn, study and work.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blog assignment #10

Cartoon mock of PC Mac comericals

Mainstream Classrooms

    The picture above was created by John T. Spencer as a mock of the PC-Mac commercials. Its purpose is too make fun of mainstream technology, there high cost, and impact on society.

Learning is Not a Game

     In Mr.Spencer's post he uses dialect to bring attention to the idea that hands on experience helps student learn, understand, and apply concepts. In the post the a principal criticizes John for allowing his students to play games in class and demands him return to using standard memorization method to prepare the students for exams. Mr. Spencer insist that his students are not playing games in his classroom. Instead they are using interactive material that allows them to better understand the material.
    In Mr.Spencer's second post he brought up something I have personally never thought of. He recalls a thing called Pen Quest that one of his teachers took the class on often. He remembers it to be somewhat fun, yet looking back it seems silly and pointless. This leads him to the question: what if the things that I set up for my students just became silly waste of school time in their eyes as they get older. My answer to this is purpose. It is so important that we as teachers make sure that we know the purpose our lessons have. Every moment is an opportunity to teach. If we are not mindfully using our time with a definite purpose. Students will look back a think what they did in our class was silly.

Technology is Killing the Students

    Scott McLeod writes a laughable pled in his post asking everyone to stop teaching their kids to use technology so he's kids will come out more successful. McLeod mocks all the dangers and waste he hears people say about technology. He does this because he understands that if students are taught to effectively use technology to their advantage. It would become a tool not a fear.

Project #14

Project #11

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blog Assignment #9

Chalk board

First Year, First Mistakes

     In Mr. McClung's first year blog post he addresses the mistakes he made in his first year of teaching. This mistakes are not just mistakes he made but ones many teachers make. These mistakes include: worrying more about content than teaching, wanting to be perfect, lack of communication, setting unreachable goals for students, fearing technology, not listening and being set in your ways. This post made me think. What am I going to do my first year? How will I avoid this mistakes? What mistakes will I make? I am ready for that year. It will be filled with learning and mistakes but I know I can do it.

Students First

     In this blog post McClung speaks on the importance of teaching for the students not your peers and challenging your lessons. These mean making sure your students enjoy your lessons is more important than making sure other teachers do and being sure to not become complacent in your lessons. Keep them interesting and up to date. These two things are definitely things I do not want to fall into. It is very important to me to constantly be creating lessons that my students will enjoy.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Project #9

The mind taking in all other sources

The Begins of a PLN

    I am just starting to create my Personal Learning Network. To aid me in this I have created a Symbaloo and made it my home page. It will be a hub of all the tools I use to grow as a teacher. I have loaded the tools I have discussed in previous post and even found a few more there. I have also started to consider who I want to include in my PNL. I have been adding different teachers that I have come across through the help of EDM310 and I have also spoken with a few teachers who I have come to admire through personal experience about how I may incorporate them into my PNL. I'm really excited to get my PLN more developed and watch everything it teachers me play out and allow me to grow as a teacher myself.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Project #10


Helpful Sites

    In my search to find new tools to help me teach that we do not cover in this class I came across three different sites. These sites are,, and and are both incredible sites that are filled with tools for teachers that they may use to help students understand. These tools include videos, interactive websites, and worksheets. will be a great tool for me to use if I ever assign a paper or even blog post to students. aids teachers in checking papers for things such as plagiarism.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blog Assignment #6

Learning through Networks

     In Wendy Drexler's video Networked Student tells a true story about what is happening as result of connectivism entering the classrooms. Connectivism occurs in the classroom when students learn through new advances in technology and by connecting with others across the globe to both learn and discuss their focussed subject. In these networking courses a student discusses, listens, communicates, and learns about the subject with other peers, professors, and experts from across the world.
     Towards the end of this video it brings up a very important question. If the teacher is not the one teaching the students why have a teacher at all. The teacher is the one responsible for helping the student build up this network. The teacher becomes the learning architect, modeler, learning concierge, connected learning incubator, network sherpa, synthesizer, and change agent. The teacher is no longer the only source of information reaching the student.Connected Students
     Through Networked learning students are able to find tools that fit their personal learning methods and their personal interest. This allows students to become more involved in their own learning. This will also help students retain more of the information because they are not being handed information but instead they are actively working their way through the knowledge they obtain themselves.

PLE in Action

     PLE stands for Personal Learning Environment. In this video you are able to watch as a student guides you through her PLE for her seventh grade science class. It shows all the tools she uses and the opportunities she has available through this PLE. It truly blew me away to see this in action for the first time. It creates a wonderful tool for students to become active learners, and it acts as an amazing step in their educational development

Blog Assignment #5

The Dream of Innovation

    Krissy Venosdale is an inspiring teacher who strives to impact her students through creating an environment that allows students to find their own creativity and innovation while giving them the tools to become active learners. In Krissy's blog post she reveals her dreams of a new kind of school. A school where the students are encouraged to explore their own interest. This school would work up a desire in its students to always want to come and join in and to always be learning. This school is wonderful; however, I do not believe it is a practical, realistic idea that can be implemented into schools and learning. In a perfect world this would be a perfect school. Realistically students would take advantage of the schools lack of structure instead of its openness for creativity.

Structured Innovation

    If I was able to create my own school it would be a lot like Krissy's except it would be more structured, organized, and practical. Like Krissy's school: it would be comfortable and it would be set up in such a way that made it easy and comfortable for students to collaborate and work together. It would be colorful and include things to help spark the imagination of the students It would have classrooms filled with tools to help students learn that subject. Professionals would come to teach students about all different careers and opportunities. The school will be a center of encouragement of the child's growth, knowledge, achievements and learning. All forms of technology will be used daily, these are tools for their learning not distractions.
    Somethings I would do differently than her are grades and grade levels will still be in place and structured these will allow the students to feel and see their accomplishments. Although grades have such a negative mark currently this school's grades will not. this is because students will not constantly feel as if they are failing because grade will work up from zero instead of fall from 100. Also, passionate teachers will be around at all times to help tutor and give advise to students at all times either at school or online. Curriculum would be set this, however, would be to help the students know what they will know after coming out of the class not to confine what they can learn. Field experiences (not field trips) will be encouraged. These experiences will be used to inform and encourage students in that field; not entertain or give them an off day. Students will not be able to attend random classes; however, students will have the opportunity to choose elective courses that they are interested in and that prepare them for the career in which they are pursuing. Students will have the constant opportunity to just ask questions to school advisors about the future such as what college should I go to? How do I get a loan for a car? What career options are their for people interested in art? This school would be set up for students to meet their needs not just standards set by board members who have never even interacted with the students.

Different Voices Come Together

    In Eric Whittacre's virtual choir he composes and virtually conducts for 185 different voice from across the world by using using the internet to gather individual voice and placing them together to create one incredible choir. This means that his choir made up by people across the world may also be viewed by people across the world. This all comes about through and by the power of the internet and the new abilities it has given us.

Teaching Children Today

     Kevin Roberts presents some compelling information about the role of a teacher in the 21st century. He explains that as technology evolves the more opportunities students have to obtain information on their own. This means that teachers are no longer the only means of information. It is now important for a teacher to teach student how to sort all the information they come across daily. It is the responsibility of today's teachers to help student learn how to effectively analyze information to determine it's truth, obtain the knowledge, apply the concept, and to create new ideas and creations.

Flipping Your Class

     Flipping your class is a new idea on how class should be conducted. In class before now lessons were set up to so that Information and concepts are presented in class while the applications of these concepts are to be done at home as homework. A new style of teaching has risen now. In these flipped classrooms information is presented to students via tools such as vodcast which the students are to watch and understand at their own pace as homework in preparation for the next days class. Class time then is spent on the application of the concepts learned.
     This method is very important to me as a future history teacher. This is because the knowledge of the date Hilter rose to power is pointless triva unless you understand how and why. Yet, even the knowledge of how and why this event happened isn't that important unless you can look at it and learn from it and understand how as a citizen you can prevent such events from occurring and then understand the concept on a smaller scale such as how to handle a boss who is discriminating people based on things such as the color of their skin or religious beliefs. It will be my job to prepare my students for their future by looking into the pass.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Special Blog Assignment #1


    As the students in EDM 310 began to post about the "Did You Know?" video it became apparent the some of us misunderstood the statements made about the population differences between the United States, India, and China. It was thought by many of the students that the statistics mentioned on the video spoke on the matter of educational level as opposed to the population. WolframAlpha; however, shows that there are 1.21 billion people in India, 1.35 billion people in China, and only 309 million in the United States. This mean that the populations of both India and China are about four times the population of the United States.

Finding the Facts
WolframAlpha Logo

     I used WolframAlpha to compare the populations of Islam, Judaism, and Christian religions. I discovered that there are 1.25 billion Islamics, 14.1 million Jews, and 2.07 billion Christians. This shows that although Islamics are not far behind there are still more Christian believers.

     My last search was on the number of High school students and teachers in Alabama. There are 755,878 Alabama Students in secondary education while there are 62,761. This puts the student-teacher ratio at about 12:1. That's not too bad; however, we know it doesn't always work out perfectly that way. Some of our schools are flooded with students while others are not.

WolframAlpha in the Classroom

    WolframAlpha is a great tool for an teacher to give to their students. It allows both the teacher and the students to preform quick and easy search on almost all subjects. This site may help students in writing papers, doing projects, or just to better understand the subject matter.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

C4T #1 Summary

Comment 1

    In her blog, Angela Maiers created a post titled "What's your 'one play?'" This post is about you focusing on one thing and becoming great at it as opposed to being average in multiple different things. This means that you should focus on your area of study. You cannot fix everything in the school system; however, you can work hard to be the best you can be in your subject.
     This post made me question what is my one play? How will I teach? It made me focus on what I could do to constantly practice, fix, and adjust my one play to make me a better teacher. Being an effective teacher is my responsibility. Just like it is the responsibility of a goalie to protect the goal. We both must work hard to be able to fulfill our responsibilities.

Comment 2

     In Angela Maires' post "Innovation is Not a Project; Its an Invitation" she discusses the time she spent at Dell's Innovation in Education Think Tank conference. As the videos show, at this conference Angela speaks on how schools should focus on incorporating the student's own genius and contribution. She also talks about the student's desire to be noticed by you.
     After reading this post I sat down to ask myself how will I incorporate my student's genius and contribution. What will I do to make my student's feel noticed? I decided that I will begin to ask my student's what would you have done if what happened in our lesson that day happened right now. Could you have made a difference? and then I want to meet my students at the door and welcome them to class, say their names, and show interest in their life and abilities.

Blog Post #4

Podcasting in the Classroom

    For this Blog I choose to look into Flat Staney,The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom, and Podcast Collection These post focus on how to create podcast for your class and how to incorporation making podcast in your lessons.

    I believe that podcasts are very effective tools to help teach your students. They allow your students to access to the lessons where ever and whenever they need them. I do not; however, plan on making a habit of incorporating students creating podcast too often.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blog Assignment #3

There Write or They're Right?

    Peer editing is an extremely important part of an writing process. This is because everyone makes mistakes. Peer editing gives the writer an extra set of eyes and perspective. These act as a double check to catch any confusing sentences or grammatical errors. You should remember; however, that there is a wrong way and right why to effectively conduct a peer review. Peer Editing With Perfection is a great slide show to help you out on all the do's of peer editing while Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes reveals all the don'ts.
     I was to peer review Brody Brown's blog post this week. As I read and reviewed his post I decided to give my peer review to him through a comment. I chose this method because my critic was on contextual matter rather than grammatical errors. Clear context is important to allow the reader to understand. I commented on his post to help other reads understand the material better.

Mountbatten In Class

     The Mountbatten is a great tool to aid blind students in your classroom. It empowers them to write essays and engage in other classroom writing exercises just as effectively as your other students. This allows them to grow as a part of a normal class and develop through their education.

Teacher helping blind student
To Enable the Disable

    Advances in technology have given teachers an incredible opportunity. It is now possible for deaf and blind students to engage effectively in normal class setting. Through new tools for math, reading, and writing these students are no longer confine to alternate school for the deaf and blind.
     As someone who has a deaf and blind uncle I find this to be incredible! The thought that all of these deaf and blind students are receiving the opportunity to join in and interact, becoming just another student in class is absolutely amazing.

Digital Learning

     In the video Harness Your Student's Digital Smarts Vicki Davis displays the incredible work and program she has created for her students. In her class she works with multiple different technological devices to allow her student to become learners and even teach her!
     In her classroom students are given the opportunity to connect to the world. Her class learns from and teaches students across the globe. This style of teaching not only promotes using technology as a tool to both your work and education; it helps students reach out, connect, and better understand different cultures.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blog Assignment #2

The Present or History

     Did you know? 3.0 and Dr.Strange's EDM 310 version both highlight the constantly increasing impact technology has in the world and the role it plays in education.
     As a history teacher the increasing impact technology has in the world definitely puts on more pressure because as quickly as an event went happens it becomes history. Therefore, it is even that much more important that I help my students understand the concept of history and the role it places in their life so that they are educated, and they do not allow history repeat itself. This because with everything that is happening all over the world it would be impossible for me to teach them about every single thing in history.

21st or 12th Century?

    In the video Mr.Winkle Wakes focuses on the lag education has on technology in the rest of the world. How can we expect students to succeed with an education system so out of date? Is technology really that important to education?
     It is absolutely necessary that teachers implement the use of modern technology in their lesson plan. This tools assist students in understanding what is being taught and creates a better way of teaching that was never available before.

Recreating Creativity

     In The Importance of creativity, Sir Ken Robinson speaks about how the education system is killing creativity. My absolute favorite quote from this lecture is: if you are afraid of being wrong you will never come up with anything original. Robinson talks about how through the system of right or wrong grading teachers have destroyed children's creative minds.
     It is not acceptable for us to continue on is this same pattern. We are in a time that everything changes so quickly that students need that creativity more than ever. because the places we are setting then up to succeed in now will no longer be there. They will be left with their knowledge and creative to find where they fit in.

An Interest in Pinterest

     Pinterest is literally a hub of ideas just waiting for you to click them. It is a source teachers may use for anything from what to put on a bulletin board to how to help a disruptive student learn. It is a tool for all and any teachers with a question of how.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blog Assignment #1

Life as I Know It

    My name is Carmen Deanna Clark. I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. After graduating from Mary G. Montgomery I decide to take a major step out of my comfort zone of sweet tea and yes ma'am to move to Springfield, Missouri, and attend Evangel University as a theology major. I returned back to Mobile to attend the University of South Alabama to pursue a degree in secondary education(history).
     As a freshman at Evangel University I had the opportunity to take a personality test that assessed my top five strengths. These strengths include: strategic, W.O.O.(winning others over), communication, adaptability, and positivity. I truly believe that these adequately describe who I am. My interest include making people laugh, helping people in need, religion, United States history, ancient history, racquetball, human videos, softball, and traveling. I feel compelled to train up, guide, coach, and encourage young students to be the best they can be and to work hard as they achieve their dreams.

The Art of Teaching

     I desire to teach high school(11th grade) history. I feel that the importance of history is often lost through the spitting off of dates, names, and locations. I want to change this. I will create a challenging course that pushes students to not only learn what has happened but also why it happened, its results, how those results effect them, and how to apply the concept into their life and future.
    I understand that everyone of my students will be different. They will all come into my classroom with different learning preferences, interests, and options on the value of history. In my classroom students will have the opportunity to learn through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic styles. They will be able to connect and relate history to things that are important to them and observe the impact history has on their personal future.
    In order for students to have those opportunities I will employ multiple different tools to aid them in their understanding of history. These tools include: SMART boards, powerpoint, Youtube, podcast, student-teacher safe interactives sites, pictures, art, and music. I will incorporate this things into my lessons. and many of them will be available as homework aids and assistances to students who may be falling behind due to an absence.
    My classroom will be held in a very organized and structured manner. Everything moment will be used to prepare students for their future. Students will be expected to come in and get to work instantly on writing down information that I will have up for them. This information includes things they need to know such as homework, today's class objectives, and a few interesting facts in history. My class will be held in a lecture style in which I will teach using many of the above stated tools while students are expected to follow and keep notes.

Time is of the Essence

     In Randy Pausch's lecture on time management he dicusses the importances of creating a plan even if you do not stick exactly to it. Paulsch speaks on the role planning has in setting goals. He also mentions creating to do list and how to get through them.
     As I stated above my top strength is Strategic this means I plan ahead constantly. I have plans, schedules, and to do list everywhere. From my weekly blocked out schedule on my computer, to my summer trip planning list on my desk, to my school work to do list on my phone I have them everywhere. I do not have a problem in this area.
     What I found to be most important in this lecture as it applies to me are Pausch's statements on doing the right thing as opposed to doings things right. I often waste time trying to make things prefect instead of getting things adequately done and moving on to the next thing. If I practice this idea in my life it would allow me to manage my time more effectively.